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Get Involved!

Don't know where to start? Then get involved with the Democratic Left in Southeast Europe, and make your struggle heard.

As a registered user you can:

  • access position papers written by activists from Southeast Europe analyzing the contexts in the respective countries by providing alternative, more inclusive and more socially just policies.
  • follow calls for new position papers and the opportunity to work with other activists on a topic of your choice, as the platform is constantly developing and growing.
  • receive information on upcoming and past events of the #DemLeftSEE
  • add struggles from your own community to the interactive map of protests.
  • join a community of activists from over ten countries in Southeast Europe.
  • strengthen your own community by learning from other experiences and contexts.
  • build new local and transnational tactics and strategies.
  • spread the word of solidarity and the Left.

Join us, get informed, participate in our events throughout the region, demand, enact change.

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