The Democratic Left in Southeast Europe (#DemLeftSEE) is an open process of networking, coordination and position-building between activists from throughout the Southeast Europe region. We work with the conviction that through coordinated action and joined-up movements across the region we can have the ambition to change the political direction of our countries towards truly just, prosperous, democratic, egalitarian and green societies.

At a historical moment when the political status quo is being questioned throughout the world, #DemLeftSEE seeks to link up with other initiatives to make joint proposals concerning the future of the European continent as a whole. The process is open to new and more established political actors, initiatives and organisations, and is open to a dialogue amongst equals with the political parties on the Left from the region.

We believe that more open, participative and bottom-up policy processes are the future for democracy at a time when large parts of the elite and many establishment politicians have shown their cynical disregard for the fate of ordinary people.

Meeting in fora since 2016 in Tuzla, Skopje, Cluj Napoca, Prizren, Nis, Tirana, Rijeka and Sarajevo activists from throughout the continent have identified several positions as priorities for a new Democratic Left.

The #DemLeftSEE Positions present a summary of these as suggestions for discussion and development with new actors in an ongoing process, but also as guidelines for any genuinely progressive and Leftist regional movement today.